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I must have been in a dark mood that day…

The church stood proudly on the village plaza, as all respected churches ought to, white, authoritative. One could not pass by without a slight feeling of guilt. It was so basic in form, as to be unmistakable, instigating a sense of duty in some, fear in others, sometimes disdain, but you could not ignore it. It was a pretty church, no-one would deny it, not even Armand, who had but contempt for all religious things. The steeple reached high in the sky, although falling short of a better promise.

Armand couldn’t help it but walk toward the doors, looking straight up. He had always been afraid of heights. Still, he stepped in, looking for the stairs. The steps were dusty, creaking in a way that would have been creepy in any other place and time. The light from the top drew him like a fly to an electric lamp.”Why in hell did I come here” he thought, but kept going.

At the top was a wooden platform where probably priests rang the bells. There were no bells however. What struck Armand was that there were no pigeons either. “Don’t all church steeples have pigeons?” The windows opened through a thick wall. Armand stepped on the ledge, almost standing up in the opening. Surprisingly he did not mind looking down to the busy street below. Everything seemed smaller, as did he, even smaller than the people on the street. Things didn’t seem to matter as much. He felt as though this very moment was supposed to be as it was, and that for him to change it would bring upon the world some terrible catastrophe.

“If I jumped, I wouldn’t die right away” Armand thought, and that realization really surprised him. The fact that stepping off the ledge would not kill him made all the difference. Only hitting the pavement later would end his life.

“I am still alive,” he thought, as he felt the wind accelerating on his face, falling head first to the ground below.