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I like simple things, mechanical devices, elegant designs. So when it came time to buy a new watch, I wanted an automatic. No battery, no need to rewind it, nothing. Well, you have to wear it every day, otherwise it stops of course, but I have only one watch so that isn’t a problem. If I had the money, I would have bought an Omega. Rolexes are too gaudy for me, or rather, many people who wear them have given the brand a bad name, IMHO. Actually, if I was really rich I would have bought an obscure (to the non initiated) brand of high quality. It is hard tough to justify spending a few thousand dollars on a watch. So what’s left? There aren’t many brands that make watches still considered luxury items for less than a thousand dollars. Some might even look at them as sub-par. Tissot does however make a fine product, I certainly love mine. I bought the Seastar in April of 2014, more than a year ago, so it is time for a review.

Tissot Seastar 1000

Tissot Seastar 1000

Buying an automatic watch is somewhat of a statement, as well as the expression of appreciation for things well built. For me it isn’t a statement of wealth. After all, I bought one of the cheapest automatics on the market. It is a statement of taste.

I didn’t want the chronograph because of the added complexity and size. Add more gears and sooner than later something will go wrong. I won’t rehash the details of the mechanism or other characteristics here, many sites have done so already. I bought the watch online from Jomashop. It came quickly and was cheaper than anywhere else. I understand the warranty issues, but they have their own, and I was buying a new watch after all.

What a beauty! The size is perfect, not too wide or thick. There was no defects of any kind, no misalignments. I wound the watch and put it on immediately. It rarely leaves my wrist except at night. The watch keeps going throughout the night, and a few hours longer if i forget to put in on. I was worried at first, but you don’t have to shake your arm all day to keep it ticking. Just forget about it and go about your day.

The Tissot is pretty accurate it turns out. It was about seven seconds fast per day at the beginning, but I think is is closer now. I only reset the time about once a month, which is excellent in my book. it takes a couple minutes and really isn’t an issue. Who needs ultra precision anyway? I’m not an astronaut. Actually the watch being a few minutes fast per month kept me on time. It would have been more of an issue if it had been late, but again, I think it is pretty spot on now that it is broken in.

The saphire face is very scratch resistant. Actually, I can’t believe it doesn’t have any scratches after more than a year, and I don’t baby it. I’ve banged it many times on hard surfaces, which would have mared any of my previous watches.

I can’t comment on waterproofing yet, but I will be sailing soon and spear fishing a lot, so stay tuned.

My Tissot has become one of those items that you wouldn’t let go for anything.. Even if I was broke and hungry on the street, I don’t think I’d sell it. It joined the ranks of my favorite pocket knife, flashlight, and a handful of other items having reached that special status. For the price I don’t think you can find any better. It shows good taste and that you don’t have more money than brains. It is waterproof, EMP-proof, and if society collapses and batteries are unavailable, you’ll still know what time it is! Seriously though, and I have no association with Tissot, but the Seastar is a keeper.