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Here is what happens when you order 14′ planks and they deliver 13′ lengths. Thanks to Real-Woods in Sarasota. They did a good job with width and thickness, but what a F-Up on length! I didn’t want to wait any longer for new planks. Didn’t get a reply to my complaint email.. Lesson learned, verify deliveries before the truck leaves.

The Jig I made isn’t working well but it got the job done, this time at least:
(Reload the page if the video doesn’t show..)

About my hatch, I received a message from John Welsford (Thank you Sir!) letting me know that each pound that high would need four extra pounds in the keel.. Ah.. That is a problem.. The original hatch weights 9Lbs. So, (35-9)x4=104Lbs. I intend of having a couple batteries on-board for lights and my Ham radio, say maybe two 20Ah SLAs at 15Lbs each, placed down low. That’s still 74Lbs of wasted load carrying capacity. Not to mention the bronze ports I wanted. I need to reduce their number significantly without making the cabin too dark. It seems invariable that my hatch choice will cost me a 100Lbs or more penalty. Well, there is always time to reconsider, it won’t be until next year that I’ll get to that part of the boat..