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Life, it seems to me, has a necessary roughness. Animals in the wild are probably the best example of this necessity. They are the perfect adaptation; the result of it. Nothing is easy for them as life is a constant quest for survival. Their instincts and bodies are perfect for their environment. We, most humans, have lost an essential element that brought us from the caves to this day. We no longer propel ourselves with our own power, we use cars. We don’t embrace this animal perfection, we destroy it. I am afraid some day, this edge will make the difference between our specie surviving or disappearing. Yet, traces of it do remain, or at least did until a couple hundred years ago, when comfort slowly invaded our lives. What leaders came of adversity! Compared to today’s heads of states. They created empires, civilizations, without mechanization. Even the horrors of war brought us strength. Not that I wish my fellow people to fall upon hard times, but there has to be a way to keep our edge, our spirit. So, when hard times come, think of them as, if not blessings, a necessary roughness that will make you a better person.