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I wrote this rant as a comment on my friend’s Facebook wall, after he raised questions regarding this article by Albert Einstein (which I didn’t have time to read). I feel like I am constantly repeating myself, but repetition might be what it takes to make a few people understand how dangerous and evil socialism really is. Feel free to comment below..

A business is a money making enterprise. It’s very existence is driven by profit. Though there has been altruistic enterprises, in the grand scheme of things, profit drives businesses. Why is it that employers all the sudden are expected to run a social aid agency? Where is that responsibility coming from? Offering a job, at any price, is not exploitation, it is a contract, an agreement with an employee. Nobody these days puts a gun to someone’s head and makes them work as a slave. You don’t like the wages, well, find a better job.. Some will say “they have no choice..” What choice would they have if the business wasn’t there to start with? I wish that some day, as in “Atlas Shrugged”, all the large business owners said “F— this, I’m going fishing.” We would see then how many people would starve to death. We should all be thankful for greedy entrepreneurs, because without them, society would die in chaos.

My opinion is based on the respect of private property. The fruit of my labor is mine, yes, and it is mine to sell, at an hourly rate I have to decide to accept, or not. People always want more. They accept a salary, then want profit sharing on top of it.. What about loss sharing? What about someone going to the worker’s house and hauling the flat screen TV out to pay for his employer’s losses? Seems unfair huh? Well, it goes both ways..

Socialism is a plague. It is a rotten system based on theft, enslavement and disrespect of humanity. It is the lowest of the lowest. It ruins societies and alienates its people. It is dangerous because it uses the premise of helping others to steal and throughout history, kill millions of people. I can’t believe some wear Che-Guevara T-Shirts, a murderous thug.. They should wear Hitler T-shirts, it would be as bad. Socialism has to be fought, exposed for what it is, and squashed in the voting booth like a cockroach in a kitchen.

September 2007

I got pissed-off today after reading a post on the wall of my favorite coffee shop. It claims Burger King exploits farm workers. Probably from a student at the People’s Republic of New College.. There is no such thing as worker exploitation in this country! Nobody puts a gun to the head of those poor workers, forcing them to accept $3 an hour. Employment is a contract between a worker and employer, where job description and salary are defined and agreed upon, as long as both respect the contract, there is no exploitation, it’s a business deal. You don’t like the pay? Say no. Businesses are not responsible for people’s well being. People are responsible for themselves. You may argue that they have no choice. Why not? What if the business didn’t exist in the first place, then what? People always have the choice to accept a job or not. I am tired of people who reject responsibility and blame everyone but themselves. The reason you don’t starve today, the reason why you have decent clothes, a TV, computer and an Ipod, is because the United States adopted a system loosely based on capitalism. To the people who always complain about this country (they probably never traveled abroad), think everything should be served to them on a silver plater and blame “evil corporations” for their own failings, I say go live in a communist country for a year.. Hell, just get out, this country doesn’t need freeloaders. Unhappy workers and those who claim they are exploited should examine their own lives instead of blaming those who offer them an opportunity to make a living.