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  1. Hi

    How do I purchase a set of Hornet Plans from you and get access to your login area of your Hornet site.

    I am interesting in building a Hornet with floats
    and figure someway to store it on my Catamaran sailboat.

    DeWayne Young
    A320 Airbus Captain

    Rgds DeWayne

  2. Hello,

    The site offering the plans is not mine. The Hornet plans are free, I emailed them to you. About floats, the Hornet would not be the gyro to use for this. Floats on gyros never worked very well. The water must be still, with no waves, because of the way the rotor is articulated. You would also need more power, which adds weight, etc. In the end, your machine would not be a Hornet. However, it is an ideal machine to learn on. Even though you are a pilot, you will need instruction on a dual-control machine. Then, you can practice for a couple hundred hours on the Hornet, after which you might have a better idea about what you want to do about floats. See http://rotaryforum.com to learn about gyros.

  3. Hi
    I am embarking on building a Hornet Gyrocopter per plans.Unfortunately there are no diagrams or plans on how to build the plates that hold the rotor head .Bearing in mind that i am using 6061 T6 Aluminium 2×2 .125 square tube.Also, is marine plywood suitable for making the horizontal stabiliser and the rudder. I live in the United Kingdom.Can you please help.
    Kind regards

    • I’m using a ruder off a piper plane.its shortened by about 12″ text me for pics.870-405-2915

  4. Hi to all I’m dairingdave! I’m building a hornet as well.I’m about half way or a little further.503 for me.I’m taking lessons in a sparrow halwk ll .I have 4 hrs I just love power off landings. Text me any time.870-405-2915

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