2 comments on “A Frenchman’s Perspective on Racism in America.

  1. Very well written and informative. I am a recoverint bigot and can relate well to tnis piece,

    • Thanks Jimmy. I think racism used to be cultural. You had individuals coming off slave ships who were plucked from a tribal lifestyle without the technology found in the West at the time. It was probably easy and convenient financially for the white population to believe them inferior. Not that it is excusable.. The same happened to the Portuguese who reached Japan, though they got there of their own free will, but the Japanese had a more civilized society and in some technical domains like metallurgy, were more advanced. Today racism I believe is more circumstantial, though some good old boys from the South still cling to tradition. The cultural is still present at the base, but we tend to hate what we fear, and that for many people is a young black man behind them at the ATM machine. Attitudes have to change on both sides to fix the problem.

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