2 comments on “Choosing The Leica Summilux 35mm Pre-ASPH.

  1. I am just in the phase of buying my first 35mm lens to my leica, and then I stumbled upon your blog! I was quite interested in the pre-asph but now I feel more confident, and might even go for a summicron instead.

    Would love to hear your thoughts now a couple of months later!

  2. Hello, sorry about the late response. I sold the lens because I needed money, but I regret it now. At f1.4 mind you, it isn’t really useable but under perfect lighting conditions. This lens is great, but there is a learning curve. At first, sometimes it takes wonderful images, and sometimes, crappy ones, and you don’t know why… Until you start to figure it out… I would buy another one, probably will some day, but the Summicron is a great choice too, if you can live without the larger aperture. I would just buy the one in best condition, regardless of the model.

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