2 comments on “Wanting to Try Film? Get a Nikon F3.

  1. Gil,
    I did the same stupid thing you did, I traded my F3 HP with MD-4 for a D1 when it came out, The salesman asked me if I was sure, I said yes but had a terrible feeling in my gut that I was messing up. I had to in order to get the D1 for work in news media. this was in 2000. In May of 2014 I saw one for sale used at a camera store, it was in mint condition and on sale for 300 dollars, I bought it on the spot. It felt like I found my life long best friend! I found an MD-4 on sale on Amazon for 50 dollars also in mint condition. When it finally arrived I set it up on the camera, loaded the batteries and fired off a few frames, that familiar sound of that motor and shutter was music too my ears again. All the memories came back of the beginning of my carrier. I own many cameras, Leica’s included but the F3 is my go too no questions asked when I got to get the shot, it is an extension of me. I don’t worry about the camera, I concentrate on the image and I know the camera will do it’s job with certainty.

    • I have owned three so far, LOL. I can’t believe I made the same mistake of selling mine three times but I did. So I am without an F3 right now again. My last Nikon was a D2X bought for $500, another gem. If I ever got back into the trade, a D3S would be my choice. I do miss the film days and the work. The F3 was the king then. Now for fun I’d get another Leica M2, but the F3 will always have a special meaning for me because it is great, still an excellent choice and I spent so much time with it..

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