3 comments on “Building a Fafnir Sailboat, Scarfing Keelson Planks.

  1. I did a lot of reading before I started my build. Most of the books and articles I read said that filler should always be used because the epoxy soaks into the wood leaving a gap between the two pieces of wood. I brush on un-thickened epoxy on both pieces like you did, that soaks into the wood, then I keep adding wood flour to the remaining epoxy in the cup and mix it up until it looks like peanut butter. Brush that on one piece and then clamp them together but don’t clamp them so tight that it squeezes out all the glue. The filler will fill all the gaps. That’s the best method to get the strongest joint, especially if the pieces don’t fit perfectly. There are different kinds of fillers, silica, wood flour, phenolic microballoons, and others that have different characteristics (some are stronger, others easier to sand, etc). But if your joint is nice and flat on both pieces it should be ok.

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